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Emblem Health was looking to increase the number of small group health insurance plans sold through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Emblem created a microsite to help educate business owners on the process of securing insurance through the Exchange and were looking to increase traffic to the site.

SVM was hired by Emblem Health’s AOR Thomas ARTS to drive traffic to this HUB and increase small group health insurance sales through the Exchange.



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we did

  • SVM assembled a network of NYC business organizations – NYC Chamber of Commerce organizations, Business Improvement Districts (BIDS) and nonprofits — to create and distribute content about the Small Business Health Options Program, or SHOP.
  • SVM then managed an organic and paid social outreach campaign promoting this content and driving to a digital HUB through this partner content.
  • Working with this network of partners, we identified and captured stories and helpful tips from business owners who had gone through the process of purchasing insurance through SHOP.
  • In addition, the campaign included local community seminars and a paid blogger campaign.