Elevating Impact Through Community Voices

How It’s Delivered Matters

Local media placements get you into a community. But, being in a community is not the same as being trusted by it. That is why the referral of a community-based organization will always be more powerful than a bus shelter or billboard in driving measurable action.

Shared Value Media is a communications firm that works hand-in-hand with trusted organizations to move beyond impressions and drive measurable behavior change at a local level.

Our Clients

Shared Value Media partners with leading changemakers in the government, for-profit, and non-profit space.


Marketing Support for Community-Based Organizations

Getting the word out is tough. We reduce the resource burden for local organizations, helping to build creative assets reflective of their brand, constituents, and ready to be distributed.

The result is scaled outreach that has consistency in program language, but is individually endorsed by each organization in their own voice.

Responsive Strategies & Creative

Local organizations know their community best. Our strategies lead with the voice and brand of our local community partners and are informed by the intimate knowledge they have of their own community.

SVM’s creative is then built to maintain consistency across partners but ensure that each community is being reached with language, imagery, quotes, and stories reflective of their lived experience.


The most difficult part of a campaign launched through a network of CBO partners is tracking. Every piece of creative used in an SVM campaign is tracked so we can understand performance down to the platform, date, and partner.

And while we pride ourselves in our ability to track real-time outputs, it is our commitment to quantitative outcomes that sets us apart. Impressions do not drive behavior change. SVM’s strategies and success metrics track all the way through to our client’s ultimate goals.