About Us

At Shared Value Media, we understand the transformative power that community-based organizations (CBOs) have when working together towards collective impact goals.

And we’ve developed a data-driven approach to amplify the power of these groups and move the needle of issues we deeply care about.

Everything we do – from how we design creative to how we purchase media – is done with the intention to lead with the voices of local partners, making large societal issues feel local and personal. While technology and tracking is central to our process, we never lose sight of the fact that community impact is best achieved by two trusted neighbors sharing information while strolling down their block or attending a local community meeting.

The SVM team is comprised of community organizers, nonprofit innovators, entrepreneurs, and ex-politicos. We have spent our careers working in and with communities on programs that create a more just, equitable world.

We believe the communications strategy is just as vital to achieving outcomes as the program itself

SVM’s Approach to
Community Engagement

Tenets to How We Approach Our Work

Network of Local
Outreach Partners

We empower a network of local community-based organizations to collaborate on outreach. We specialize in identifying these CBOs, supporting their creative efforts, and holding one another accountable to the outreach goals that we collectively assume.

Marketing Support for
Local Organizations

Getting the word out is tough. We reduce the resource burden for local organizations, helping to build creative assets reflective of their brand, constituents, and ready to be distributed.


SVM’s creative is built in a way that maintains consistency across partners but ensures that each community is being reached with language, imagery, quotes, and stories reflective of their lived experience. Our CBO partners know their communities better than anyone and our creative process assures that their knowledge is reflected in each piece of local creative. The result is scaled outreach that has consistency in program language, but is individually endorsed by each organization in their own voice.

Local Paid Media to Amplify
Partner Outreach

Most of SVM’s campaigns incorporate paid local media to amplify the reach of our CBO partners. However, unlike traditional social campaigns, our paid social is applied across all of our partners’ social platforms to leverage and extend the reach of their brand. Similarly, our OOH spend may include train, bus, and/or billboard placements, but we also aim to find placements in community hubs such as salons, grocery stores, doctor’s offices, libraries, and partner wall space that can more accurately reach our target audience for a lower spend.

and Tracking Impact

The most difficult part of a decentralized campaign is tracking. Every piece of creative used in an SVM campaign is tracked and tagged by platform, date, and partner. We aggregate this information and present it back to our client and partners in weekly dashboards. Our focus on tracking allows us to constantly optimize for both the output and outcomes of our campaigns, so we can improve efficiency across partners and channels.

Campaign Impact Measured by
Behavior Change

Our clients hire SVM to drive a specific action. Their success is not measured by reach, impressions, likes or follows, so neither is ours. Whether our client hires us to connect domestic violence survivors to vital support resources or to drive businesses to hire quality interns from under-resourced communities, we assume goals quantified by outcomes.