Mayoral Industry Partnerships

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In 2019, the NYC Workforce Development Corporation (WDC) sought support for a year-long communications strategy on behalf of their three Mayoral Industry Partnerships (IPs): Tech Talent Pipeline (TTP), Manufacturing and Industrial Innovation Council (MaiiC), and New York Alliance for Careers in Healthcare (NYACH).

WDC hired SVM to engage industry-specific communities in the launch, engagement, and/or strategic development of individual campaigns with the goal of supporting local employers and job seekers.



TTP AE Commitments


MaiiC Advisory Board Sign Ups


TTP AE Roundtable Registrants


New users driven to the website in first month of launch

we did

  • Since each IP offers a broad number of programs and services, we started by prioritizing which scaled programs could drive the most significant impact. We then built strategies around those prioritized programs/initiatives and leveraged their partners, PR and paid media to drive employer engagement.
  • For MaiiC, SVM built a website, hosted focus groups, supported the launch of the advisory board, and developed the communications strategy for their Covid-19 response.
  • For TTP, SVM led the strategic planning process that resulted in a clarification of overall messaging, a new website, and multiple campaigns with industry partners driving towards key outcomes.
  • SVM also led NYACH’s strategic planning process and communications plan including the designing of industry briefs, leading of focus groups, and redesigning of the website.