Best for NYC Launch

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In 2016, The NYC Economic Development Corporation launched ‘Best for NYC’, a social program focused on promoting responsible business practices among small business owners. The campaign sought to engage NYC employers in a 45-minute online assessment, which qualified the businesses for the ‘ Best for NYC’ challenge.

Prior to SVM being engaged, the program had driven 500 employers to the challenge over the course of 12-months. Shared Value Media was hired with the goal to double that number in six weeks.



New Businesses Participating In “Best For NYC” Over The Course Of 6 Weeks


Clicks To “Best For NYC” Assessment From Partner Outreach


Interactions With Facebook Ads


Clicks To”Best For NYC” Assessment Using SEM

we did

  • SVM created partnership agreements with both new and existing EDC partners to target receptive communities: sustainable food community, social impact community, South Bronx, etc.
  • Customized creative was developed in the voice of each partner, communicating the value of the program to their communities.
  • Local incentives were developed in partnership with these community-based organizations to make the call-to-action more compelling at a local level.
  • An organic and paid social campaign was launched through the outreach channels of this network of partners.