Ladders for Leaders

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The Mayor’s Fund sought to recruit NYC employers to host interns as part of their ‘Ladders for Leaders’ program, a collaboration with the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development. 

Since 2014, the program had grown from 89 participating employers to 475 in 2016. However, the majority of employers engaging in the program were the result of direct outreach from the Mayor’s Fund. 

In 2017, SVM was hired to launch a digital outreach campaign with the goal to recruit 140 new businesses to sign up through the Center for Youth Employment’s (CYE) registration page. 



Registration Submissions


Features in Progress


Increase in Web Traffic


Increase in Unique Page Views

we did

  • SVM worked hand-in-hand with CYE’s network of city agency and community partners to coordinate an outreach campaign targeting 7 NYC industries.
  • Numerous employer stories were captured, each resonating with a specific industry.
  • Additionally, SVM managed a PR outreach strategy, securing coverage by the Wall Street Journal, Politico, Real Estate Weekly, Metro, and the Daily News to name a few.
  • SVM re-designed the CYE website and registration page, enhancing the user experience.
  • SVM launched a 3-month digitally-led outreach campaign — leveraging both organic and paid social –through the outreach channels of CYE’s partners.

Mayoral Industry Partnerships

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In 2019, the NYC Workforce Development Corporation (WDC) sought support for a year-long communications strategy on behalf of their three Mayoral Industry Partnerships (IPs): Tech Talent Pipeline (TTP), Manufacturing and Industrial Innovation Council (MaiiC), and New York Alliance for Careers in Healthcare (NYACH).

WDC hired SVM to engage industry-specific communities in the launch, engagement, and/or strategic development of individual campaigns with the goal of supporting local employers and job seekers.



TTP AE Commitments


MaiiC Advisory Board Sign Ups


TTP AE Roundtable Registrants


New users driven to the website in first month of launch

we did

  • Since each IP offers a broad number of programs and services, we started by prioritizing which scaled programs could drive the most significant impact. We then built strategies around those prioritized programs/initiatives and leveraged their partners, PR and paid media to drive employer engagement.
  • For MaiiC, SVM built a website, hosted focus groups, supported the launch of the advisory board, and developed the communications strategy for their Covid-19 response.
  • For TTP, SVM led the strategic planning process that resulted in a clarification of overall messaging, a new website, and multiple campaigns with industry partners driving towards key outcomes.
  • SVM also led NYACH’s strategic planning process and communications plan including the designing of industry briefs, leading of focus groups, and redesigning of the website.

Best for NYC Launch

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In 2016, The NYC Economic Development Corporation launched ‘Best for NYC’, a social program focused on promoting responsible business practices among small business owners. The campaign sought to engage NYC employers in a 45-minute online assessment, which qualified the businesses for the ‘ Best for NYC’ challenge.

Prior to SVM being engaged, the program had driven 500 employers to the challenge over the course of 12-months. Shared Value Media was hired with the goal to double that number in six weeks.



New Businesses Participating In “Best For NYC” Over The Course Of 6 Weeks


Clicks To “Best For NYC” Assessment From Partner Outreach


Interactions With Facebook Ads


Clicks To”Best For NYC” Assessment Using SEM

we did

  • SVM created partnership agreements with both new and existing EDC partners to target receptive communities: sustainable food community, social impact community, South Bronx, etc.
  • Customized creative was developed in the voice of each partner, communicating the value of the program to their communities.
  • Local incentives were developed in partnership with these community-based organizations to make the call-to-action more compelling at a local level.
  • An organic and paid social campaign was launched through the outreach channels of this network of partners.

Best for NYC: Job Quality Focus

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Best for NYC, an initiative of the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development, was headed into its third year and looking to reimagine their program in order to drive businesses to make measurable, specific job quality improvements.

In 2018, SVM was hired to develop and manage the strategic communications to drive businesses to sign up for programs that would help them increase job quality for NYC workers.

In addition, SVM was tasked with coordinating the network of city and community based partners and integrating them into the initiative.



Businesses Referred to Support Programs


Website Page Views during Campaign to date


Highest Pages View in a Day


Avg Time on website during campaign to date

we did

  • Created partnerships with city agencies and community based orgs offering programs around the four focus business improvement areas: financial empowerment, volunteering, training, and open hiring.
  • Built a referral page that aggregated local services that help businesses improve job quality. This made it easy for businesses to indicate interest in multiple programs and be instantly introduced via email.
  • Created custom content for partners to share with their communities that allowed them to:
    • Celebrated business that already completed a program and could be recognized by Best for NYC.
    • Invited businesses in their network to take advantage of the wide range of support programs through Best for NYC.
  • Developed an email strategy for driving the existing Best for NYC community of 1500 businesses to support programs by making the business case for each improvement.

Growth Camp National Rollout

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Salesforce launched a new event platform in December 2016, intended to highlight products that support business growth, offered by Salesforce and ten of their business partners.

With the goal to generate new prospects in target cities, this platform rolled out across the country in 2017. Shared Value Media has been hired to help drive attendance to the event in every city and create local resonance.



Avg Link Clicks To Salesforce Rsvp Page


Avg People Reached


Avg Attendance


Avg Amount Spent

we did

  • SVM has supported the launch of the platform in NYC, Dallas, Atlanta, Boston and Chicago.
  • These partners have been offered a booth at the event and have participated in a ‘Community Panel.’
  • In each city, we have engaged 5-6 community organizations who offer small business support services (e.g., the local EDC, SBDC, the Regional Chamber, Mayor’s Office, etc.)
  • In addition, SVM has led and managed a promotional campaign driving attendance through the organic outreach channels of these partners and through paid social.

Shop Hub

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Emblem Health was looking to increase the number of small group health insurance plans sold through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Emblem created a microsite to help educate business owners on the process of securing insurance through the Exchange and were looking to increase traffic to the site.

SVM was hired by Emblem Health’s AOR Thomas ARTS to drive traffic to this HUB and increase small group health insurance sales through the Exchange.



New Small Business Health Insurance Members


Partner Constituents Reached


Email Opens


Clicks To Emblem Health Information Microsite

we did

  • SVM assembled a network of NYC business organizations – NYC Chamber of Commerce organizations, Business Improvement Districts (BIDS) and nonprofits — to create and distribute content about the Small Business Health Options Program, or SHOP.
  • SVM then managed an organic and paid social outreach campaign promoting this content and driving to a digital HUB through this partner content.
  • Working with this network of partners, we identified and captured stories and helpful tips from business owners who had gone through the process of purchasing insurance through SHOP.
  • In addition, the campaign included local community seminars and a paid blogger campaign.