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The Mayor’s Office of Domestic Violence (OCDV) designed a campaign to highlight the complexities of domestic violence and be more representative of all relationships that are impacted.

The goal of the campaign was to increase the number of people getting help from local support centers, the support hotline, and a newly launched online portal that housed connections to support. Due to the sensitivity of this issue, OCDV saw an opportunity to work with community-based organizations to more effectively reach specific communities with the message.

They wanted to introduce both a digital and grassroots component to the campaign since it was initially launched with mostly traditional media (i.e billboards, subway ads, taxi TV) and did not deeply integrate local groups.

In 2018, SVM was hired to launch a partner-led digital outreach campaign to connect survivors of domestic violence with support offered by NYC.



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  • SVM worked hand-in-hand with CYE’s network of city agency and community partners to coordinate an outreach campaign targeting 7 NYC industries.
  • Numerous employer stories were captured, each resonating with a specific industry.
  • Additionally, SVM managed a PR outreach strategy, securing coverage by the Wall Street Journal, Politico, Real Estate Weekly, Metro, and the Daily News to name a few.
  • SVM re-designed the CYE website and registration page, enhancing the user experience.
  • SVM launched a 3-month digitally-led outreach campaign — leveraging both organic and paid social –through the outreach channels of CYE’s partners.