The results of 2011 Volunteer IMPACT Survey are based on online interviews with 1,500 millennials (ages 21-35) who work at companies with 1,000 or more employees that offer employee volunteer activities or programs. The results of the survey unsurprisingly show that Millenials who frequently volunteer are more likely to be proud, loyal, and satisfied employees as compared to those who rarely or never volunteer.


Explores Michael Porter and Mark Kramer’s analysis of ‘Shared Value’ and how companies are beginning to invest in social endeavors with the express intent of impacting their bottom line.

Summer 2011

A Must Read!!!! Michael Porter leads a round table of executives from 10 major corporations as they discuss in detail how their companies are shifting their product development, supply chain, and communications to create sustainable shared value, and more importantly, profit.


This Annual Report breaks down how consumers are impacted by different media platforms. Cause partnerships are heavily weighted in peer-to-peer interactions, which are, not surprisingly, by far the most trusted advertising vehicle.


Ogilvy and Georgetown quantitatively break down how the different races percieve cause engagement and messaging.


A study showing how men and women percieve cause engagement and messaging differently.


7.5 Billion dollars was spent in media spending in 2010 Q4 alone. This report breaks down the media platforms in which that money was spent. Notice ’cause partnerships’ does not even warrant a measured category.


For any corporation investing in an employee volunteer program, this study should be at the heart of your strategy! For the first time, Starbucks brought together the leaders in this space to create standardized benchmarks for how we quantiatively evaluate the effectiveness of our employee volunteer programs.