NYC Economic Development Corporation ‘Best For NYC’ Launch

Our Shared Challenge:

In 2016, The NYC Economic Development Corporation launched ‘Best for NYC’, a social program focused on promoting responsible business practices among small business owners. The campaign sought to engage NYC employers in a 45-minute online assessment, which qualified the businesses for the ‘ Best for NYC’ challenge.

Prior to SVM being engaged, the program had driven 500 employers to the challenge over the course of 12-months. Shared Value Media was hired with the goal to double that number in six weeks.



New Businesses Participating In “Best For NYC” Over The Course Of 6 Weeks


Clicks To “Best For NYC” Assessment From Partner Outreach


Interactions With Facebook Ads


Clicks To”Best For NYC” Assessment Using SEM

What We Did:

  • SVM created partnership agreements with both new and existing EDC partners to target receptive communities: sustainable food community, social impact community, South Bronx, etc.

  • Local incentives were developed in partnership with these community-based organizations to make the call-to-action more compelling at a local level

  • Customized creative was developed in the voice of each partner, communicating the value of the program to their communities

  • An organic and paid social campaign was launched through the outreach channels of this network of partners

Creative Examples:


Best for NYC event outreach was organized into three waves of communication: Inspire, Invite, Celebrate
Outreach emails were customized for each partner to send through their own channels.
Story-led social posts created and distributed through the EDC and the platforms their partner organizations and companies via organic outreach and paid social.
Both standard and personalized Best For NYC campaign flyers.
SVM built an online portal allowing business owners to easily nominate their colleagues to participate with customized emails and social posts.
The campaign culminated with a Best for NYC Awards ceremony attended by both the Commissioner of the EDC and SBS.
Finally, a Communications Playbook helped businesses promote their participation in Best for NYC after the campaign ended.