Google+In 1997, the domain was registered by two twenty-somethings at Stanford University. Just 17 years later, that domain has become a widely-used verb, symbolizing the sheer weight of the site’s social impact. Despite the company’s youth, this impact is difficult to ignore among individuals and businesses alike. The rise of Google and other social networking sites has pushed businesses to revolutionize their marketing strategies; as Genoveva Petrova, a Social Media Account Manager for Milestone Insights, has stated, “we live in a Google world and so does your business.”

Since becoming a household name, other businesses have begun to take note of the products and services that Google releases. The rise of the social media bubble contributed to the development of Google’s own social media platform: Google+. In a March 3 blog post, Petrova highlights the benefits of the platform in a business context, including “improving the visibility of business in Google Search” and increasing “social signals and networking of a brand.” In today’s social media world, a company’s general visibility is synonymous with its social networking presence, and it’s important that businesses keep up the pace.

Today, Google+ is still a somewhat peripheral component of many social strategies. This article may change your perspective on that.