Business handshake
Janice Rotchstein, Edelman’s Chief Quality Officer, here offers her perspective on how to build a client relationship through honesty, transparency, and a little TLC. We fully agree with the tenets of this short article. Often, people claim business is not personal, but it certainly needs to be personal for those special, long-standing clients with whom you grow! As a growing firm, we believe our collective goals — those belonging to us and those of our clients — are very personal.

February 24, 2014; Edelman “Show Up Differently”
By Janice Rotchstein

“Nothing personal!” that’s the line and the advice we’ve all been taught to practice in business. The idea has always been to keep your distance and play down emotions in professional dealings. Yet time and again I’m hearing something quite different. Colleagues and clients say that their long term business relationships are the ones that share something intimate, that display the same give and take we all want in a personal relationship.

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