About Us

Traditional Cause Partnerships

Present the reach of their programs in terms of…

  • Children served
  • Schools served
  • # of events, etc.

Track program execution based on…

  • Photos
  • Summary of execution
  • Some qualitative feedback

Track impact in terms of…

  • Sponsorship deliverables met
  • Rarely – consumer awareness and engagement
SVM Partnerships

Present the reach of their programs in terms of…

  • NGO supporter demographic profiles
  • NGO engagement index among followers
  • NGO corporate receptivity index
    of Unique Website views
    of face-to-face interactions
  • Facebook likes / Twitter Followers
  • Newsletter Open Rate

Track program execution based on…

  • # of impressions
    face-to-face, online, social, word-of-mouth, and mobile
  • # of conversions (eg., microsite hits, facebook likes, samples distributed, and linking execution to online performance.)
  • Dynamic, in-depth qualitative insight reports
  • Weekly photos and summaries of execution

Track impact in terms of…

  • Incremental consumer need, awareness, consideration, and purchase of your brand
  • Custom brand affinity measures that align with your internal marketing objectives
  • Mix-Marketing-Model metrics that allow you to evaluate the impact of Cause budgets in the same way you evaluate your marketing spend.

Phase 1:
Brand Alignment

For each of our nonprofit partners we measure at least the following:

  • Demographics of audience (benefactors, sponsors, and the passive listeners)
  • Index of audience perception of the ngo network and their communications
  • Index of how the ngo’s audience perceives their corporate partners and their partner’s communications
    • of children served by grade
    • of schools participating by geography
    • of unique website hits by source
    • of events by type
    • of face-to-face interactions
    • of Facebook likes / Twitter followers
  • Newsletter circulate
  • Newsletter open rate

Our Goal:
Validate the nonprofit’s audience aligns with the brand’s target market

Phase 2:
Campaign Tracking

Our proprietary database facilitates daily data input from all participating nonprofits and nonprofit affiliates. This creates a continuous feedback process that allows for mid-campaign refinements to increase reach and performance.

Database screenshot here

Our Goal:
Provided detailed monthly reports on our reach and impact

Phase 3:
Measuring Long-Term Program Impact of Your CSR Strategy

Phase 3 measures long-term impact on consumer perception and economic value to your brand. This third optional phase uses primary research of NGO members:

  • 1-SVM helps your brand team develop a custom online survey
  • 2-The NGOs field this survey to a sub-group of the network’s members to collect direct impact response data
  • 3-SVM provides a summary report of how consumers perceive your brand, and brand’s value, in the related cause space
  • 4-SVMS helps build a cause engagement strategy informed by these insights
  • 5-Through periodic in-depth interviews we track how consumers are receiving your brand’s participation in the cause space and whether we are effectively moving them through the ‘cause cycle’
  • 6-We also measure correlations between the cause cycle and their stage in the purchase cycle
  • 7-Informed by these findings, we develop a customized ROI methodology to evaluate the economic impact of your CSR activity

Our Goal:
To evaluate how our cause partnership is impacting consumer perception and purchase intent