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Shared Value Media partners with multiple national nonprofits to aggregate media inventory and launch cause partnerships with detailed tracking. Our goal is to create a powerful, niche media platform by bringing scale, impact, and accountability to the cause sector.

Strategic Cause Partnerships deliver reach, impact, and tangible business results. Shared Value Media uses a proprietary reporting methodology to track the quantitative outcomes of our short-term partnerships, as well as a long-term model for tracking the correlation between cause partnerships and a change in consumer purchase intent and sales.

Shared Value Media’s Youth Health Network consists of five of the strongest national health-focused youth nonprofits in the country. Through the collective platform, these nonprofits serve over 6.5 million children, 10 million parents, 10,000 schools, events with over 1 million attendees in 2011, and 20,000 likes on Facebook.

Through this network, we offer health-focused corporate partnership opportunities with a strong presence in every major market in the United States.